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When you find yourself about to dive into the world of technology as a non-technical person, either for a new system that your business needs, or for an application to manage a process that has become error-prone, you usually end up having to unpack a whole layer of technology before you can get what you actually want.

Systems, applications, software and the technology that live underneath them are usually hard to understand and even harder to consolidate mentally (well for us mere mortals, that is). And this is because, usually, these systems are run by abstract and sometimes obscure people…

Let me start by saying that the app world is already saturated with millions of apps that can do whatever you can imagine. So why then, would I decide to write an app for the App Store?

Quarantine and some personal curiosity! This might sound opportunistic, but I needed a nice hobby to keep me busy during the last few months of quarantine, mostly because by this point I had already created paintings for every wall in my house and built every puzzle I had. …

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Whatever is holding you back, if you are honest with yourself, probably has a lot to do with your lack of consistency. Every one of your projects, whether they are personal or work-related could become great achievements, if you just consistently focused on getting them done.

Everyone here has read, at least once, an article on the internet stating something similar to the following: “Seven ways to improve yourself” or “Successful people do this routine every morning”. Which leads me to assume that everyone is struggling with consistency in one way or another, I know at least that I do…

Moving to Mac as a workstation has been a topic I have discussed with many people, and at many levels, within many organisations. So as a 10+ year Mac user, I’ll try to give a balanced view, knowing full well I love my Mac and still actively work on Windows!

The main reason for creating this article was to help answer a question a friend of mine asked me from a senior executive viewpoint. He wanted to understand how to decide on Mac in a large organisation by asking the following questions;

  • Powerful vs portable
  • What are reasonable specs for…

Woman in a market
Woman in a market
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

The world has become a whirlwind of advertising and branding, upon more branding and influencers. We can’t do much with the crazy amount of information that we receive on a daily basis, but we can think about finding a few rules that we can use to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in our lives.

The ‘rule of one’ is a simple rule to help you reduce “Decision Fatigue”.

The following article by Peak explains “Decision Fatigue” nicely, but the idea is simply that you need to be conscious of the impact that decision making has on your mental…

On our Scrum journey, some of the ‘buzz’ words have really taken with management and the teams, and the one that I feel does a great deal to misalign people on a common path is ‘Everyone can do everything’.

Firstly, let me clarify, I’m not an expert in Scrum, who has read all the documentation and studied the ancient scrolls. But I am a team member and a voice of the system, therefore my notes here are obviously anecdotal. Alternatively, follow this link if you want a more expert opinion;

Back to the phrase and it’s stickiness with management and…

For those of you who would like to read this article imagining David Attenborough is narrating it, I’ll start the first few paragraphs as such.

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‘The plains of the large corporation are both harsh and bountiful for the newly formed scrum team, and today we will be exploring their world in a little more detail.’

‘The team, in this case, is a little older, a combination of a few foreigners and some local talent, all brought together for their particular skillsets.’

‘Their mission, as set out by some strange system of external ‘product’ themes is set out for them, and…

Why choose to write about minimalism? I think there is a lot of theoretical advice and examples of people who have thrown out their last pair of boxer shorts to embrace minimalism as a lifestyle, but not too many ideas on what this means in the real world. Being a practical person I struggle with the internet’s favourite ‘9 steps to becoming a minimalist’ bullet points format to solving all your problems.

My journey into minimalistic thinking started when I finally found myself admitting that I was in a rut. And as much as I hate writing that previous statement…

Barry Smit

Minimalist, Optimist and Bonsai Novice..

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